Smoothie Headache Cure

The following smoothie recipe and variation (courtesy of Lynden) are said to be not only healthy in a general sort of way but also as a cure for migraine headaches. I don’t know whether that’s the case or not, but I’m sharing the information because the smoothie tastes great (if you like spinach and pineapple, that is).

Alta Craig’s Pineapple Spinach Smoothie

Here’s a smoothie I frequently use when I don’t have time to eat. Take a chilled 6 oz. can of pineapple juice, put into blender. Add a handful of washed, chilled spinach, and blend until smooth. Tastes delicious and is loaded with calcium, protein, and lots of other goodies.

Lynden writes…

Chet, the recipe I’m sharing is like Alta’s: take a can of chilled pineapple chunks and add spinach in a blender until thick. Add juice of pineapple to a consistency that you can drink. Drink a large glassful and lay down. The migraine should go away or at least lessen. That is an old remedy, and I don’t know if anyone has ever heard of it or not.

If you suffer from migraine headaches, I hope you’ll give this kind of smoothie remedy a try and then come back here and report on the results you get.

4 thoughts on “Smoothie Headache Cure”

  1. I suspect that much of the curative effect of this smoothie lies in the bromelain that is in the pineapple. Bromelain is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, and is very effective. That said, I might add a pear to this smoothie, just to keep it on the sweet side. And maybe some berries. Enough to turn it purple… Then I could share with the kids.

  2. I have a history of migraines. I am going to try this or maybe make pineapple and spinach smoothies a part of my diet. I would love to prevent them. If my headaches or migraine gets bad enough I get sick as well. So, I would have to drink this as soon as I feel the headache developing.

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