Relaxation Technique

Since I spent several hours the past few days shoveling snow and ice off our front porch and driveway, my muscles have been telling me, “Egads, I’m sore and stiff and tense. Do something to relax me, will ya!”

Well, happily, over the years I’ve built up a storehouse of great relaxation techniques and today I’m going to share with you the one that I’ve been using all week to make my old muscles feel a lot better.

And, yes, this relaxation technique works quite well for emotional and mental stiffness and anxiety, too.

Without further babbling, here are the “how to do it” details for the…

Five-Finger Relaxation Technique

For this rapid relaxation technique, close your eyes, take several deep breaths, and relax.

Now touch your thumb to your index finger.

As you do so, think of a time when you felt an exhilarated, healthy physical or mental fatigue, like after jogging or skiing or successfully completing an important project.

Next, touch your thumb to your middle finger.

As you touch your thumb to your middle finger, think of a time when you had a loving experience.

Now, touch your thumb to your ring finger; as you do so, think about one of your successes in life or a time when you valued praise that you valued.

Finally, touch your thumb to your little finger. As you do, reflect on the most beautiful and relaxing place that you have ever visited or seen. Allow yourself to stay in that place for awhile.

Whoa, that exercise is certainly easy enough, eh?

Did you try it? If you didn’t, don’t be a dummy. Take thirty seconds out of your crazy, hectic day and try this power relaxation technique. Right now.

You have nothing to lose but your squinched up, unhappy feelings!

Ah, it works great, doesn’t it? 🙂

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