Nutty Insomnia Remedy

When’s the last time you had a really good night’s sleep?

I know, I know.

With most people working like maniacs just to make ends meet these days, the first thing to go is a restful eight hours in dreamland every night.

Well, if you’re suffering some insomnia, perhaps this nutty all-natural remedy will help you get some zzz’s.

This natural insomnia treatment is so simple, it’s almost embarrassing to describe, but here it is, anway…

Before going to bed, eat a one-ounce serving of fresh walnuts. It’s important to chew them slowly and thoroughly and don’t swallow until you’ve reduced them to a liquid.

You’re probably wondering, “What’s the deal with walnuts and insomnia?”

Well, walnuts just happen to be one of the plant kingdom’s richest dietary sources of seratonin, the magical chemical that that promotes feelings of relaxation and well-being. As an interesting side effect, seratonin also tends to suppress appetite.

In addition to helping you overcome insomnia, eating fresh walnuts on a regular basis may even help you lower cholesterol and fight depression.

And chomping a few walnuts is a whole lot cheaper than those expensive insomnia prescription drugs with horrible side effects that may well kill you faster than never getting any sleep!

5 thoughts on “Nutty Insomnia Remedy”

  1. I love walnuts and eat plenty of them, but I will try them at night instead. I have started having too many nights waking up for an hour or so and not being able to get back to sleep soon enough. A remedy I had read and that was helpful in the past is honey and apple cider vinegar mixture. Mixed together just to taste not too sweet and not too vinegary. Worked great for a while, doesn’t seem to help as much now as it use to tho. So, I wil try the walnuts!

  2. Cherries are also high in melatonin, and Dr. Oz recommends pumpkin seed powder — a good source of tryptophan. You might also want to look into a good herbal sleep mask — I’ve seen some that use buckwheat hulls, lavender buds and flax seeds. Thanks for posting this!

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