Healthy Dining Out

Hey, I know how tough it is to find truly healthy foods when you’re out of town or away from home for a few days.

In fact, finding healthy foods at restaurants can sometimes be a real chore for the serious health seeker.

Well, my friend Karen Van Cleef, shares some excellent tips on overcoming this problem in the little article you’re about to read…

Ordering Healthy Foods at the Local Greasy Spoons

Dining out is really easy once you get the hang of it. You will eventually be able to look at any menu and find something on it you can eat and enjoy.

Here are some examples of meals you can choose while dining away from home:

Olive Garden or Italian Restaurants

For a starch meal: Order Minestrone soup and salad with vinaigrette dressing. Skip the breadsticks/bread because they are just white flour and you don’t need that (it will only aggravate your sugar cravings). Say no to any parmesan or other cheese.

For a protein meal: Order a grilled meat of your choice. Have some salad and if your meat comes with potatoes, just ask them to bring you steamed veggies instead and they will gladly do it. You can have a bit of parmesan on your salad.

Chevy’s or Mexican Restaurants with Grilled Foods

For a starch meal: Order a side salad and eat that first. Order portabella mushroom or vegetable (or a combo of both) fajitas. Order corn tortillas instead of flour and eat just two of them. If you can’t have just one or two chips and stop yourself after that, don’t even start eating them. You can eat a little rice and beans too. Order the whole pinto beans instead of the refried if they have them.

For a protein meal: Order chicken or beef fajitas. Eat a big salad first. Tell the waitress you don’t want the tortillas. If you don’t want fajitas, order a meat in chile verde sauce and order a side of vegetables. Don’t even think about eating the chips. You can have a bit of cheese with this meal.

Restaurants that Serve Everything

Starch: Choose the soup and salad bar and follow the rules for combining. Vegetable soup is a good option. Don’t hesitate to ask what is in the soup. I always ask.

Protein: Grilled meat, chicken or fish will always be on these menus. Eat a salad first and it is okay to have some blue cheese dressing (on the side). Check the menu for Cobb or grilled meat salads. You could order a Caesar salad and make sure to tell them to hold the croutons.

So enjoy your next meal away from home… your next meal of healthy foods.

Thanks to Karen for sharing that. Karen, by the way, is the creator of ToothSoap, the natural approach to dental health that my family and I (and thousands of other people use every day).

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    1. Robert, thanks for the links and the kind words. I added your to my “Darn Good Blogs” section. Looks like you have plenty of good reading on your site.


  1. Love the article. I am now looking for a lot of healthy dining. I almost waited too late because I had quad truple bi pass heart surgery this year. Healthy eating is so important for all of us to stay fit and live good productive lives. Thank you.

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