Foot Fungus Cure?

Anyone who reads my health writings knows I have an overly-developed sense of humor, so let me preface today’s blog entry about using urine therapy for foot fungus problems by saying that I’m not joking with what you’re about to read.

With that said, a few years ago when I was researching natural foot fungus remedies, a suggestion came in from a friend of mine, a licensed pharmacist whose avocation lies with helping his clients by referring them whenever possible to natural solutions rather than to strong drugs.

He doesn’t make as much money this way, of course, but he helps more people and makes a lot of friends, and that’s what it’s all about anyway, near as I can tell.

Okay, here’s what my buddy told me in his letter:

Hey, Chet, between you, me, and the printer cable, the fastest and cheapest and most effective way to go after good ole foot fungus

use your own urine.

I know peeing on your feet in the shower sounds whacked, but I have used it effectively and passed it out dozens of times from behind the Prozac counter to customers. And with a host of positive feedback.

Well, I was glad to get this fascinating suggestion from my friend because I’ve always been interested in urine.

I mean, seriously, with so much of it coming out of us every day, how can we not be?

Although I don’t have space to write an extended blog entry on urine therapy, I do want to say that, contrary to the bad press it gets, human urine is sterile and not something filthy that we should cringe about when we mention its name.

I mean seriously, my pharmacist friend and I aren’t recommending that you drink the stuff, though people in India have been doing just that for thousands of years for apparently very good reasons. But that’s another story.

Anyway, if you have a nasty case of foot fungus and want to try the easiest and least expensive home remedy I’m currently aware of, pour or pee some of your own urine on the problem in the shower, let it set for a minute or two, and then wash it off. Repeat as necessary whenever you shower until the problem heals.

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  1. a) *ew~
    b) so this would be done when stepping into a dry shower(before turning the water on)…yes?
    c) this give a whole new bent on mothers telling sons(and daughters) not to pee in the shower;….glad you did this After Mother’s Day

  2. What about severe cases?

    I’ve had a problem since my teens and now in my late 40s. It’s especially embarrassing this time of year when everyone wears cute sandals and get pedicures. I’ve NEVER gotten a pedicure because of this!

    Anxiously awaiting your response.

  3. A cure for warts from an Hungarian doctor – who told my husband – use sandpaper on it every night and rub a fish oil on after – must be done every night to remove the root of the wart

  4. I read somewhere once that Madonna used it to soften the calluses on her feet. If I’m in the shower and feel the urge, I just let it go….it ends up in exactly the same place and the shower rinses out all the residue.

  5. RS, my assumption is that the urine remedy was recommended by my pharmacist friend for minor as well as major foot fungus problems. — Chet

  6. My grandmother, rest her soul, did this very thing weekly when she took her shower. Mom told me that her mother had read it somewhere and did it. Although she never mentioned foot fungus grandma said that it was good for your feet. My grandmother was doing alternative health methods when it wasn’t cool or an accepted route of medical care. She felt lousy through most of her 30s and 40s and miscarried twice. By the time I was old enough to pay attention my grandma was the energizer bunny!

  7. Aaah, yet another use for this “byproduct”!!!
    Well, “peeing” on my feet in the shower is OK…maybe even soaking your toes in it the bidet, if you are lucky enough to have one…BUT , I’d be rather squeamish about going as far as “drinking” it as some DO, so Chet, please don’t suggest that ! Yuck!

  8. Thanks for the response Chet.

    I’ll give it a try to see what happens; it’s free and it won’t kill me!

    And Margaret, I’m right with ya’! I don’t know what it would take or how much money you could pay me to drink urine…….ugh!

  9. I don’t care if you publish my Email.

    I contacted a very stubborn form of Fungus in Guangzhou, China. I finally have the cures. It takes a combination of several things.

    H202 35% food grade. Take a q-tip and put it directly on the fungus and areas that look like they may be infected. The H202, which is liquid oxygen, turns the virus white.

    On my toes the fungus had penetrated most of the way through the toes and there seems to be roots on top of roots, so when the topmost is killed, the lower ones surface. These need to also be treated.

    After locating the fungus, make a solution of 5 or 6 drops of H202, 5 to 10 tablespoons of vinegar, mince 1 or 2 cloves of garlic and hot water. Soak for at least 30 minutes (The longer the better)

    The above procedure softens the roots of the fungus and they can be dug out, which shortens the healing time. I have carfully used a small pointed scissor.

    If the fungus is under the toenail it is especially hard to treat. I had to keep trimming the whitened toe nail until the fungus was exposed and then I treated it as explained above.

    Note fungus and all diseases including cancer cannot live in pure oxygen.

    Caution: The 3% H202 from the drug store will not work & especially do not take it internally.

    In addition the above treatment, I also take a minimum of 1 drop of Food Grade 35% H2i02 daily, but it needs to be taken with Garlic Syrup. If taken without garlic syrup, it drys out the cells, so be careful.

    I do not know if this fungus thrives in the U.S., but it was very hard to kill
    until I started experimenting with the above combinations.

    I still soak my feet at least every week, just in case, I definatley don’t want this junk back again.

    Lots of luck. wrquinn4

  10. My doc said to rub Vicks Vapor rub on your toe nails to cure toenail fungus. It’s cheap compared to commercial remedies, but pales in comparison to free pee!

  11. As you know fungus is one of those thing hard to kill.
    I suffered from a very severe fungus on my feet, and I was prescibed so many different medicines, and any of them worked, until my grand pa, told me that no matter what yo do the fungus is on your socks and is coming back.
    What hi asked me to do is get a very ship pot and every time you change your socks you have to boil them but really boil them or get a new ones, them the medicine is going to work.
    Since them I don’t know what is fungus on my feet.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

  12. My Mother told me when she was growing up a neighbour used her childrens own urine on them whenever thet got a cut or scrape and it healed it i have never tried that one but i have tried ear wax on cold sores you have to put it on at that first tingle you get it works

  13. Urine is a very good thing and does cure foot fungus. Other countries use urine therapy to treat illness also. Google and read for yourselves!!

  14. I tried everything, yes urine too, with a severe case of fungus, plus eczema in between toes; lamisil, fucidin, everything, but it only went away when I stopped eating sugar and white flour foods (wheat). Also must keep the area clean and dry, very important! Now all is well, however, will soak, dry, put gauze between toes to keep them dry, daily, forever! Bonus to the no sugar, wheat regime, I lost 30 lbs. in 3 months! Great!

  15. Hi Chet, I used my urine to remove warts. When I mentioned it to my Mum she said her grandpa was a tailor in Belfast, Ireland. He covered his hands with his own urine every night for years and years. He let it dry over night. He didn’t have any arthritis or pain in his hands all of his life. Nothing. I didn’t know urine was sterail (?) Thanks for the tips…..My husband got the tip from a friend in the shop for the warts on your body. When he told me I thought he was nuts. I finally tried it. It works.

  16. Dear Chet,
    I am a CNC from Peru
    this is the first time I send you a comment, thank you for this article (foot fungus cure), I have been an asidious reader from several years back and have not missed any of your weekly articles .
    I wish to sincerely thank you for all your helpfull natural health tips which I always apply and pass on to my patients, and will also take this opportunity to congratulate you for the magnificent web page you produce.

  17. There are many remedies for fungal infections, including tree tea oil, which is widely available and generally cheap. Also, grapefruit seed extract and olive leaf herbal capsules. If you have a foot fungus, you may also be battling internal fungal or mold type problems. The grapefruit seed extract is my favorite because it is anti-viral, antibiotic and anti fungal so it is good to have on hand. Most health food stores will have it. It is also available online if you search for it.

  18. This information is given out to new army recruits, so when I told my grandson I thought I had toenail fungal he told me to pee on my feet in the shower, I did and within weeks I saw a big difference.

  19. I’ve been researching UT and dealing with fungul toenail for years and tried many many remedies. Last night before bed I soaked my toes in my urine for maybe 5 minutes and dried them off and went to bed…did it again this morning.

    I’ll do this a couple times a day and SEE if this is the “real thing” for my issue…

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