Don’t Worry

Last week’s recommendation to watch and listen to Playing for Change’s wonderful compilation of musicians singing Stand by Me was such a big hit, today I’m sharing another of PFC’s fantastic videos!

This one features an original song by Spain’s Pierre Minetti entitled Don’t Worry, and I’m confident you’re going to enjoy it very much.

Here it is…

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3 Responses to Don’t Worry

  1. Lynne Forlenza says:

    Really catchy song! I love the mixture of nationalities all in one video. Gives a nice, “oneness” feeling. BTW Chet, I wasn’t having a crappy day, just a crappy few moments, & the music did make me smile. So thanks :o)

  2. admin says:

    Lynne, you’re welcome. I’m glad the video made you smile. It does the same thing to me every time I watch it. :)

  3. Joan says:

    A great, uplifting experience for any time of the day–love it! Thank you for this special treat and all you do, Chet!

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