Daniel’s Pulse Recipe

I’m fond of healthy snacks and the Daniel’s Pulse Recipe you’re about to read is definitely a winner.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pulse, the Biblical Daniel considered it God’s perfect food…

So Daniel went to the guard Melzar whom Ashpenaz had placed in charge of him and his three friends, saying: “Test us for ten days. Give us pulse to eat and water to drink. Then compare us with the young men who are eating the food of the royal court, and base your decision of how we look.”

He agreed to let them try it for ten days. At the end of ten days, they looked healthier and stronger than all those who had been eating the royal food. So from then on the guard let them continue to eat pulse and drink water.

from the Book of Daniel 1: 3-20

¬†And now for …

Daniel’s Pulse Recipe

1 cup dates coarsely chopped to 1/4″ pieces
1 cup prunes coarsely chopped to 1/4″ pieces
3/4 cup apricots coarsely chopped to 1/4″ pieces
1/2 cup cranberries coarsely to 1/4″ pieces
3/4 cup almonds chopped to 1/4″ pieces
3 Tbs peanut butter
4 Tbs sesame seeds

In a large bowl combine all fruits and knead (may want to use gloves, as it does get very sticky). Once well mixed, add almonds and sesame seeds and knead again. Finally add peanut butter and knead until thoroughly combined.

Oh man, that’s a good recipe. Try it and see if you don’t agree.

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8 Responses to Daniel’s Pulse Recipe

  1. Dee says:

    Anybody else having difficulty finding sesame seeds at their local grocery store? Clerks keep trying to send me to extremely processed sesame snacks.

  2. Joanne says:

    Sesame seeds are easy to find here in Australia.
    I’m curious about the term “pulse”. My Bible translation renders it “vegetables”. I expected a bean recipe from the heading as pulses are synonymous with legumes here.

  3. Jeanne says:

    I find sesame seeds at my local health food store and at the next door Middle Eastern grocery store. Whole Foods carries them, too, but at ridiculous prices!! You can probably find organic ones on the Internet, too.

  4. Steve says:

    OK…I just started looking at acid…alkali combinations and I’m curious how this recipe(although it sounds really good), does not violate one of the nine regarding protien and fruit?

    • admin says:

      Steve, with a recipe like this one, I just ignore all the food combining rules and instead mix up a batch and eat it and see how I feel. Over the years, I’ve learned that my body and how it reacts to food, exercise, stress, and so on shows me the right path to meet my health goals. Rules are nice but all too often they just plain don’t work for everyone.

  5. Christy says:

    Question: are all the fruits supposed to be fresh or is dried intended? My first mind was dried as fresh would be more pulpy than sticky but I just wanted positive clarification. Thanks!

  6. Mary says:

    Pulse is also translated from the Aramaic as seeds. Since Daniel wanted water to I believe he was aprouting and eating seeds and vegetable, (which also is translated as Pulse). My reasoning for this is that in Genesis God says ” and the “seed”s of the fruit bearing trees”…He doesn’t say the fruit but the seed. The oldest people in the world, The Hunza, who live in North Western Pakistan in the Mountains and live often to 140, bear children into their 90’s and work way over 100, eat as part of their diet sprouted seeds and grain which they only make fresh…i.e. they grind the grain right before barely cooking it into a chapati (flat bread) The seed of the fruit contains ALL the nutrition of the fruit.The Fruit itself contains little. The new gospels which indicate Jesus may very well have been part of the Quran community, shows that these people also ate little, and mostly raw foods. Anything that was baked, as bread, was done on rocks in the sun. Since I cured my own cancer, living on raw foods, and many sprouts and have coached others thru disease to optimum help I am convinced that the sprouted seeds and grains were “Daniel’s Diet”. I am also doubtful he would have been brought a variety of fruit in prison which would be part of the the “KIng’s Dainties”. Not to mention the variety of fruit at that time was extremely limited in that climate.

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