Crockpot Apple Butter

How about a quick, simple, and tasty recipe this morning for one of the healthiest home-made bread and bisquit toppings around…


In the afternoon or early evening peel, core and slice enough apples to fill your crockpot. Stuff it as full as you can. You can add 2-3 cups of apple cider if you like, though this is optional.Cook several hours on high and then turn on low and let cook overnight.

In the morning, remove the lid, add cinnamon and ground cloves, to taste.

Cook on high uncovered until desired thickness is reached.

You can run your apple butter through your blender if you prefer a smoother consistency.

Refrigerate immediately and/or can.

Your family will love this concoction, I promise. It’s absolutely fabulous on fresh bread or biscuits hot from the oven. Mmmmm, good.

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5 thoughts on “Crockpot Apple Butter”

  1. Looks yummy!! What’s the best way to store it (assuming we don’t can:) )? Does it matter what type of apple? If we don;t want to use the vinegar did we need to add another liquid?
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Store in refrigerator. Different apples produce different tasting apple butter, so experiment and find the ones you like best. There’s no vinegar in this recipe, though you can use apple cider if you want to or you could substitute water or some other liquid if you wanted to do some more experimenting. But apple are really all that’s needed.

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