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Here’s the letter I wrote a few minutes ago to cancel my subscription to what was once a decent weekly news magazine:

To Whom It May Concern:

The new Newsweek is totally unreadable, and I want to cancel my subscription immediately. I also want my money refunded for the remaining years on the subscription.

I NEVER in a lifetime would have signed up for more than an additional year had I known that Newsweek was going to commit editorial and journalistic suicide.

Last week it was pages and pages of bullshit about Oprah. This week we have a television comedian as “guest editor” of what was once a publication worth reading.

I can see why someone who mourns the death of the real Newsweek the way I do, someone still employed (but probably not for long) in the design department covered half the masthead with Cobert’s head because the old Newsweek is indeed gone for good.

I’ve subscribed and/or read Newsweek for the better part of more than 40 years, but not anymore.

I leave it now to the gossip and celebrity “journalists” who wouldn’t know an interesting, insightful, and hard news story if it bit ’em on the ass.

That’s enough of that, eh? Please email me regarding the refund of my money. Thank you.


22 thoughts on “Cancel Newsweek Subscription”

  1. My father retired from Newsweek after 40 years. He just told me the same thing the other day! He is so upset with them for changing, and cancelled his subscription too.

  2. It was hard on me to cancel a magazine I had gotten so much from for so many years, so I can imagine how hard it must have been for your father, who spent 40 years of his life working there.

    Thanks for sharing that.


  3. I just cancelled my 30+ year subscription with Newsweek. I agree – the new format is totally unreadable. What in the world were they thinking?


  4. Newsweek has become liberal trash, Time magazine is not far from it. Both twist the truth around and are part of this counties down fall. Shame on both Magazines.

  5. I agree with the above comments. I’ve given Newsweek more than enough time to show me what they’ve got for a new format and it stinks. It has turned into a magazine’s version of a ‘blog spot’ for so-called essayists. I, like many, made the mistake of renewing for 3 years and doubt if I’ll get a refund so I guess I’m stuck with an unreadable piece of trash for the next 30 months!

  6. I too am saddened by the loss of a great new magazine. I got into medical school by surprizing my medical school interviewer with my knowledge of current events and leaders from around the world..all by simply reading newsweek. Now I have to see the LEFT leaning discussion on every subject…have all the writers been affected..has all the common sense been washed away. What were they thinking when they put Palin on the cover. This is all going to backfire with all the attention they are giving her and she is going to have a household name that is recognized and admired as the lady who stood up to them all, and persevered.

  7. Dear Liberal Appeasing Dolts;

    Please cancel my subscription to your left wing rag. I have been a subscriber for over 25 years. The magazine for years was even handed in its treatment of issues and individuals but it is amazing the turn your editorial board lead by Jon Meacham has taken in the past year. Jon’s politics are so blatantly visible now it is incredible. I am not sure where Jon went to Journalism school but Journalism 101 teaches that the reader should not be able to discern the journalist opinion on the subject. Jon’s hobnobbing with political big wigs has obviously tarnished his journalist ethics. While the country staggers under 10+% unemployment you give President Obama and his administration a pass month after month while choosing to do stories on the second messiah ( we all know who you think the first one was ) Al Gore . Where is your reporting on stimulus package’s fictitious “job creation” numbers the administration has been lying about, that the local papers around the country cover?
    Your recent cover with Sarah Palin pushed me over the edge. How can a new magazine print on its cover” She Bad news for the GOP – and for Everyone Else, Too”. Wow this is tabloid stuff. It is probably my mistake that I had come to think that the magazine would present facts, gathering opinions from different points of view and then let the reader decide. But I have now come to understand that your magazine like the administration and our current Congress, know what’s best for us. After all you are so much better educated then the rest of us, so much better read, is it incumbent on you to know what is best for the rest of us working stiffs !

  8. Cancel my subscription to Newsweek immediately!!! Sarah Palin deserves better than what you have done to her with your Nov. 23, 2009 cover. I did not appreciate the picture of Levi on the inside either!

  9. Palin is a dangerous moron. The only people more dangerous and stupid are her supporters, which are thankfully a loud yet insubstantial minority. She is a vicious, grandstanding ideologue and also a quitter, liar, and hypocrite.

    I wonder when we’ll see another one of her “fans” on the news for blowing up an abortion clinic or gunning down people at a Unitarian church. Right now they’re pretty busy calling people fags and niggers at their “tea party” protests.

  10. Nick, youve been reading too much Newsweek!!

    Cancelled my subscription a couple years ago too. Still read the cartoons at the doctors office – or wherever I see a copy, but refuse to subscribe just for a laugh or two.

    The pages are too shiny for whiping the hiney too. Perhaps they should switch to a softer paper so I can find a use for it.

    Can’t wait for the “insubstantial minority” to whip your @ss this November.

  11. I too have cancelled my subscription to Newsweek for ALL of the very same reasons mentioned above. Has anyone else noticed also that the magazine is 1/2 the size that it used to be?

    Not to mention the fact that all they do is suck liberal baby-boomer country-ruiner-policy-Obamamama d*ck.

    Sad, sad, sad.

  12. I subscribed from around 1990 to 2000 and enjoyed Newsweek very much…however as the years progressed, Newsweek’s complete Left wing bias became more and more apparent. Very sad to see a once good publication plummet into the company of Air America.

    Hasn’t anyone figured out that liberals don’t watch / read or listen to the news? There’s no other way to explain:
    1. Their complete ignorance
    2. Air America’s failure
    3. CNN’s failure
    4. the “Big 3’s” failure
    5. Fox’s OVERWHELMING success.

  13. Somebody sent me a subscription to Newsweek, now I just want to get rid of the magazine and the person that sent it to me. Where do I send the letter to cancel the subscription. Help save the trees and quit printing this trash.

    1. It’s been awhile since I canceled my subscription, but I believe I found an email address in the magazine to write to to cancel. It was on the table of contents page or close to it, if I recall properly (always problematic at this point in my life).

  14. I just cancelled my 40 year subscription to Newseek. It doesn’t even try anymore to be a news magazine and I am tired of only reading about liberal viewpoints and gossip. No more. I used to be considered well-informed because I read this magazine but now it has nothing to do with news, just opinions. I can form my own opinions if given an even-handed view of politics, national and international news. I no longer get that from Newsweek.

  15. Newsweek is commiting fraud. Their last print issue wil be December 2012 and they are still soliciting for multi-year subscriptions. My 98-year old father-in-law just sent in a renewal check of $65 for a subscription expiring in 2016.

    1. I hope you’ll help him contact Newsweek for a refund of his money. It may take awhile but eventually they do process cancellations. At least that was my experience.

  16. Once I found out that it was not longer to be printed on paper, I called and cancelled my subscription that was run run into 2014. I am 41 and have been a sbscriber since college. I just don’t get it. There are comic book companies that print out of theor basements. Why can’t Newsweek print magazines for their thousands of subscribers?

  17. At my age I do not want to view Newsweek on my computer. Please cancel
    my subscription and return my subscription fees. Thank you

  18. I requested my refund back in December and was given a customer service number and told 4 to 6 weeks to get my refund. I inquired in January as to status of my refund and was told it would now take another 6-8 weeks. By the beginning of February when I inquired of Newsweek when I can expect my refund they responded on 2/10/13 that my request is now processed ( again ) and it will take another 6- 8 weeks. At this point it appears that Newsweek is delaying on refunds to reduce what they must pay back to past loyal readers. I am forwarding all of my requests to as many consumer protection agencies as I can. Shame on Newsweek

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