Brain Fog Foods

Most people drift in and out of brain fog many times during the week, especially at work in mid-afternoon. That’s when they slop down another cup of coffee full of caffeine and sugar or bounce over to the vending machine to purchase a “gimme a lift” candy bar.

Well, as an aging baby boomer I understand wanting to have a clear head with a functioning brain in the ol’ skull cavity, so today I’d like to point out a few healthy foods you can use to dissipate brain fog when it comes rolling in…

The Number One natural brain-boosting favorite health food I’ve used myself and heard about over the years is organic baby spinach.

This probably sounds nuts if you’ve never tried it, but munching a handful or two of raw baby spinach will give you a mental and physical lift like you wouldn’t believe.

Other brain-lifting munchies would include sardines, tuna, turkey, and a good quality green tea. Almonds also work.

Although conventional wisdom would say baloney to this, it’s been my experience that the human brain (and body) function a whole lot better if you remove all grains from your diet.

My old brain gets really dull when I eat grains. A day or two with no grains, and, kaboom, I can think a lot more clearly and experience a lot less brain fog.

Try the tips in this post and then come back here and share your experience, why don’t you?

7 thoughts on “Brain Fog Foods”

  1. i’m with you, i follow Dr. Wolfgang Lutz’s program staying at or below 72 grams of carbs a day. Life Without Bread is a great book that shows how many different diseases are improved eating low carb.

  2. Hi Chet,

    I used to experience brain fog. Last year I eliminated gluten from my diet, and not only did I feel a lot better, but I no longer have brain fog. I now only eat gluten-free grains like rice. And I agree that sardines are good for your brain.

  3. Yes, I agree! Habe you read the book Wheat Belly by william Davis, MD. He tells of how our wheat has been GMO’d to the point that it is worse than sugar in elevating our blood sugar and creating brain fog. Take all grains out of your diet and see the difference and watch the pounds fall off. I did. Lost 40 pounds and it was effortless. I buy raw pecans and almonds and can eat all the fat i want and it does not make a difference in my weight. Its been a year now. I have stopped sugar except in fresh fruit and I have whipping cream in my coffee instead of skim milk. Milk has lactose which is sugar. Cheese, whipping cream, coffee cream has more fat and less “…tose”. Which is the the sugar. A diet of Any kind of vegetable and most fruits is wonderful. I eat as much as i want now. I have not given up meat. I just eat much less of it.

    I did it slowly, changing my taste buds, and it Works. No one is more amazed than me. I am 70. I feel 50. A year ago I felt 90. I could hardly walk because my feet hurt and the joints in my hips and back were so painful. Its All Gone.

    If I have sugar or bread, I feel it in my bones and level of energy within 12 hours. The inflammation of arthritis comes back and I have to wait for it to go by the Absence of grains and Tose!…..which is the sugars. Try it….you will love how you feel…and look.

  4. So Chet, I still have not found any follow up on how you have been doing on your low carb diet. what type of diet are you eating these days?

  5. Gary, for the most part I’m burned out on writing about myself and what I’m doing regarding food and diet, so I’m taking a break from both and concentrating on other creative endeavors and interests. 🙂

    1. Chet, I’m not asking this to pick any arguments or anything along that line. I too came from a background of Natural Hygiene and I read all sides in the diet wars and am a little confused. When I read about your switch to low carb/high fat I was truly interested in how you would fare long term. All I would like is a short little comment on where you are at today – and if you have the time, why?

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