Boomer Driving Errors

I just posted a very interesting article on my website about how driving errors increase as people age.

Although the research was conducted in Australia, I’m sure what they learned holds equally true for drivers throughout the world.

I’m 63, and I for one am a lot more cautious when driving than I used to be.

And that’s not to say I used to run over dogs or ignore yield signs because as a Type-A obsessive I’ve always been a careful driver.

But I noticed a couple of years ago that my reactions weren’t what they used to be, so I consciously started taking more time before pulling out into traffic, passing other cars, and so on.

I mean, seriously, I’ve made it through my life so far without being in a car accident and I’d like to complete my driving days with that same record.

Anyway, my driving aside, the article I posted on my website isn’t a total downer for aging baby boomers because you have to get pretty far up there in years before things gets worrisome. Quoting from the study:

The rate of critical errors during the driving test quadrupled from the youngest group, age 70 to 74, which had an average of less than one critical error, to the oldest group, age 85 to 89 with an average of almost four critical errors. There were no crashes during the tests, but participants who had reported an accident during the five years before the study also had a higher rate of critical errors.

If you’d like to know more about this interesting topic and revealing research, click here to read the entire article.


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