Acute Back Pain Relief

Acute back pain strikes a lot of people so today I’m sharing a tip for easing such pain from my good friend and licensed chiropractor, Dr. Ben Kim:

The best thing that you can do for yourself as soon as you feel that familiar spasm or pull in your back muscles is the following:


No matter what you are doing–shoveling snow, carrying groceries, painting, laundry, or exercising–stop immediately and lay down on the closest comfortable surface.

You want to lay down with your knees bent up so that your feet are flat on the floor, or so that your calves are resting on several pillows or on a chair.

As you lay down, try to relax all of your muscles, especially the ones in your back. You can facilitate effective relaxation by taking slow, deep breaths from your tummy.

Depending on how badly you have pulled your muscles or ligaments, you can lay like this for fifteen minutes or one hour.

When you feel very relaxed, try to get up slowly, turning on your side and using your arms to help lift your upper body off the ground. Be sure to use your thigh muscles to stand up. If you feel any pain as you try to stand up, lay down again and relax some more.

Following this recommendation will significantly decrease the severity of your injury, and will have you back to normal much sooner than if you had continued on with your activities.

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