You Can Get More Done

I have a tip for you today about building confidence and consequently getting a lot more done during your days.

You can put this simple tip to work in less than two minutes… and practicing it from here on out will significantly improve your life.

There’s a single important factor that separates people with confidence from those who lack confidence:


Truly, it’s that simple.

People who lack confidence often do a lot of thinking about doing something… but they never get off the mark and actually DO anything.

Well, to become a person who ACTS on what you want to achieve, it’s very important to…

  • Stay in the moment. The moment is the place where you are RIGHT NOW, where you can act and DO something.

If you have trouble being in the moment, take a few long, slow deep breaths and focus on the pause between inhalations and exhalations. Doing this breathing exercise will center you in the here and now, the place where you can then take ACTION.

Speaking of taking action, be sure to check out the 17-minute Sacred Mountain MP3, which provides a deeply relaxing experience that also builds confidence to help people attain their dreams.

That’s all for this time.