Willie and Loretta Still Have It

It’s been close to a zillion years since I posted anything to this blog, but I ran into a video so fine today I just had to take a moment to share it with anyone who still visits here.

Willy Nelson and Loretta Lynn in a duet. Who could ask for more?

And if you think old farts don’t have it anymore, I offer this for your consideration:

Miley Cyrus Sings Jolene

Yesterday I stumbled on a fantastic rendition of Dolly Parton’s classic song, Jolene. This version is covered by the amazing Miley Cyrus during her “Backyard Session.”

If Miley’s singing doesn’t get you rocking in your chair, you’re no longer breathing and most likely headed to the Great Beyond!

Anyway, check this out:

Free No Soliciting Sign

To make up for not posting in such a long time, I have two freebies for you today.

First, if you’re getting old and crabby the way I am at age 66, you’ve had more than enough for one lifetime of fools knocking on your door or ringing your doorbell to sell you one damn thing or another… especially the endless solicitations from AT&T U-verse.

Well, when I was out for my morning walk and saw the latest duo of AT&T U-verse pitchmen prowling our neighborhood like cats in heat, I hustled home and prepared a “No Solicitation” sign, which I taped to my front storm door. Here’s what it looks like:

Free No Soliciting SignThe sign must have worked great because nobody knocked and nobody rang the doorbell. Ah, sweet victory!

Since I know many readers of this newsletter also appreciate a peaceful home life without unwanted solicitations, I prepared a zip file with Word, RTF, and PDF versions of my little sign. You’re welcome to download this zipped file with the three unlocked Word documents and one PDF at


Feel free to edit the files to suit your needs and personality and also you have my permission to pass the file(s) to friends and relatives who value their privacy, but, please, do not walk around various neighborhoods knocking on doors to sell copies to strangers!

Today’s Second Freebie: A Bad Breath Remedy

Okay, now let’s turn to today’s second freebie, a little tip for those who struggle with bad breath:

To sweeten the aroma emanating from your mouth, especially if you’ve been eating garlic or other spicy foods, chew on fresh parsley for a few minutes to dissipate that nasty garlic breath.

This simple (and healthy) tip works every time.

Finally, and now that we have the unwelcome solicitation and bad breath issues solved, I hope you’ll take a moment to check out my beginner’s to intermediate lMeditation and Relaxation CDevel meditation and/or relaxation CD at


For a few days, I’m testing a new price on this CD… in fact, it’s the lowest price ever. If you want a terrific audio tool to help you relax deeply and/or meditate like a pro, I think you’ll be pleased with this little creation of mine.

That’s all for this time.

The Day Kennedy Was Shot

JFK was shot 50 years ago today.

I was a sophomore in a very large high school in El Paso, Texas, in a geography class where we were memorizing the names of every country in Africa.

The principal comes on the PA system and says, “Everyone needs to hear this… and then he puts a radio close to the microphone and we start listening to a news reporter… “The president has been shot. The president has been shot.” I remember as if it were yesterday the near hysteria in the reporter’s voice.

When school let out that day, I walked across campus to the tennis courts to see if we still had practice. Coach was his usual snarly self and he growled at me, “They said we can’t practice today because the President’s been shot. Go home.”

At home, we glued ourselves to a black and white TV set and watched live coverage of everything from Oswald’s shooting to the playing of taps at JFK’s grave site.

I remember my mother crying, a lot.

Magnus Carlsen Documentary

I have a lot of interests… indeed, my various interests often get in the way of productive work. And that’s especially true now that I’m  meandering my way toward retirement.

One of my interests is chess. I’m a mediocre player, but I’ve always enjoyed playing the game and watching both high and low level matches.

On November 9, the World Chess Championship 2013 takes place and I’m very much looking forward to following the games between challenger Magnus Carlsen and current champion Viswanathan Anand.

If you have an interest in chess, I know you’ll enjoy watching the documentary found at the link below:


“Five More” Productivity Tip

Today I’m sharing a powerful tip in the occasional series of messages I’ve created to deal with problems related to focused productivity while staying on task.

If you follow the tip I’m about to share, you’re going to find staying focused and on task a whole lot easier.

The “Five More” Stay Focused Technique

Today I’d like to share a method developed by self-help guru Sam Horn that’s simple and yet very powerful…

In a nutshell, the next time you’re about to get off task, say mentally or aloud to yourself, Just Five More.

What does this mean?

Ah, come on. It’s simple…

  • Continue to work for five more minutes on whatever you’re working on.
  • Jog for five more minutes if you’re getting your daily exercise.
  • Write five more sentences if you’re bogged down composing a blog entry.

It’s that simple, and this technique works because it builds persistence.

So every time you’re about to get unfocused or about to give up on something, Do Five More, okay?

Come back and post in the comment section after you’ve practiced this technique for a week and let me know how it worked for you.

Neat, eh?

Cut Brooklyn

As I’m learning to navigate my way through my senior years, I find I have a greater appreciation than ever for creative talents in a wide variety of fields.

Today I want to share with you a video of a young man whose views on work and life resonate with my own. His name is Joel Bukiewicz, and he creates kitchen knives by hand.

If you’re a writer, a painter, a quilter, a solver of complex mathematical puzzles, or if you engage in any other activity that stokes the creative spirit, you’ll enjoy the video below where Joel discusses what he does.

Oh, by the way, for superior viewing pleasure, be sure to click the “expand” button just to the left of the Vimeo logo in the video below so you can enjoy this compelling narrative in full screen high definition format. Wow!

And, yes, Joel has a website, which you can visit at http://cutbrooklyn.com/


Well, it’s the first day of September, 2013, and I’m sitting here kind of stunned that this year is going to have slipped past before we know it.

Man, the older I get, the faster the weeks and months go by. I’ve been taking quite a bit of time off this year, but lately I’m feeling that I need to stomp the old foot down on the accelerator again to get more of the creative projects done that I still want to do.

I’m not going to start today, however, because it’s Sunday and this particular Sunday has been spent messing around with music. I don’t have a new creation of my own to share at the moment, but I do have an embedded video featuring a wonderful duet by Steve Earle and Emmylou Harris that I bet you’ll enjoy as much as I do.

Here it is…

Now that’s something special, isn’t it?